At VLMedia, we aim to carry the technologies we have developed further. As the R&D team, we work with all engineering and product teams. The problems we face inspire us for further research and development topics. When VLMedia, a global company, is exposed to technological challenges, we are sure that many individuals or companies around the globe are struggling with the same issues. Therefore, our mission is to provide powerful knowledge and insights to address technological challenges and improve existing processes. Once a problem is determined, innovation begins. Thanks to our talented and academically strong team and professors from prestigious universities in Turkey, extensive research gets conducted with academic support. Besides the academic challenges, commercialization is the key focus of the projects in the R&D team. We also think about "How does the R&D project we develop turn into economic value?."

How is an innovative project started?

After determining the problem we gathered from the challenges of the internal teams, we begin to research and make an innovative proposal. Most of the projects are funded by national and international institutions. The national institutions are TÜBİTAK and KOSGEB, while the international institutions are European Union Commissions. Once a project is accepted as an R&D project by these institutions, the actual research and product development begin.

What are our challenges?

  • Building POC in an experimental research area
  • Developing projects that are performant, maintainable, clear, and concise
  • Applying technological standards and SW architectures in related fields
  • Conducting research on new technologies that may improve the performance of the company's software implementation
  • Building reports for the outputs of the R&D projects to the relevant authorities

What type of projects are we developing?

At VLMedia, we manage systems used by millions of end-users. Our main focuses are high traffic systems, big data solutions, machine learning solutions, and productivity tools for teams concerning process management. When a problem arises in internal teams, we get involved.

What technologies do we use as the R&D team?

We strive to use cutting-edge and trending technologies in our projects. The experience that we gain from the products developed as MVP or POC at the end of the project should lead us to which technologies are the best and what the best practices of the trending tech stack are. Prof. İsmail Hakkı Toroslu and Prof. Pınar Karagöz from Middle East Technical University are our academic consultants. Thanks to our strong team and our valuable academic consultants, we will carry our technology further. #wearestrongtogether