Data analysis is essential in any business to understand problems an organization faces. Data analysis is required to explore the data in a meaningful way. Data in itself is merely facts and figures. The Data Team organizes, interprets, structures, and presents the data into useful information that provides context for the data.

The Data Team's number one priority is making the company a step forward by providing the ability to make data-driven decisions. In light of this, our purpose is to collect extensive analytical data and offer sustainable platforms and increase all the business KPIs.

At VLMedia,  the Data Team builds data pipelines that empower business analytics. The Team extracts, transforms, and loads billions of events from real-time streams and stored data. The team is also responsible for creating fault-tolerant and highly available services using the latest technologies. Additionally, the Data Team contributes and provides open-source tools for the company since most of our systems are built upon open-source tools. To conduct our work, we take advantage of the R, Python, and Go languages and store the data at Apache Druid, MongoDB, MySQL, ElasticSearch, and Prometheus.

We constantly learn and experiment to improve the data-driven systems that we have built. That is not easy! But we do this by giving every employee in the company a chance to interact with the data. Consequently, the other team members make data-driven product decisions with the help of monitoring and analytics dashboards.

The Data Team provides extensive analysis support and highly processed data with the help of machine learning techniques and complex algorithms to pinpoint the issues related to software or product which cannot be detected easily. To achieve the best results, we employ many tools such as Apache Airflow, Apache Superset, Grafana, Portainer, HAProxy, and Jupyter.

Last but not least, the frameworks are the most vital structures in our line of work. In that, we operate on Apache Spark, Apache Hadoop, Apache Kafka, NATS, and Shiny.