As the product team our mission is to make great products out of great ideas by following the market trends, analyzing competitors, listening to the users needs and paying attention to every single detail. We create products that are used by millions of people with our team and try to grow them day by day by trying new features constantly. We listen to every idea of our team and try to bring out the best in our products by following the KPI s, giving data driven decisions and listening to our users.

Our team is responsible for implementing strategy,building the roadmap defining product features and delivering them to the development team with clear and understandable definitions. As our applications reach millions of people all over the world it is really important to implement what really matters. To make successful products and keep them growing it is important to use sources wisely. We make decisions depending on data and prioritise the most valuable issues on our roadmap.We take part in every step of the product development life cycle from ideation to the launching.

As the market rapidly grows with the competitors everyday creating a good product is not enough. User needs and preferences change day by day.We are aware that getting in the top 10 applications in the market is a challenge but staying in top 10 is another greater challenge. Our team works on growing and transforming our applications with new features and trying to make our products perfect working closely with the design development and customer support teams passionately to stay on top.We are working with a great team,who are eager to solve problems, challenge themselves.We pay attention to every single detail in our products, value every idea, make data driven decisions and always seek the perfect and it pays back as the successful products and millions of users.