Localization is the process of adapting a product into a particular locale or country through language translation. This process is a highly significant milestone in marketing products globally. Without proper localization, products would be meaningless however successful and convenient they are.

VLMedia is well aware of how the localization process can impact customer satisfaction. Therefore, we work with professionals that have unique backgrounds in a wide range of fields such as communication, language localization, and app development. The localization team localizes our apps into 20 distinct languages, including but not limited to Arabic, Hebrew, Russian, Japanese, Spanish, and Thai. To achieve the best results, we only work with the natives and strive to improve the quality of our products every single day.

The localization team offers various services to App Store Optimization, Marketing, Android, iOS, and Backend Teams. In this regard, product localization and content writing are integral services delivered by the localization team. To carry out these tasks efficiently, the team outsources native localization specialists, develops localization tools, and determines the best practices in the field. Along with language translation, content writing, proofreading, post-editing, and quality assurance, the localization team strives to provide the best products in a target culture through adaptation. The reason is we always want our customers to feel at home.

We aspire to break language barriers and serve a smooth user experience for all customers regardless of where they come from!