Competing in the same market with similar products requires marketing that focuses on positioning, branding, and making a difference. To stand out, attract customer interests, increase engagement and loyalty, our dedicated team constantly works to achieve the perfect results.

We consistently thrive to step up the pace in the marketing game and maximize the value for our users through creative approaches. Our team is highly enthusiastic about taking up new challenges and testing different elements to learn and improve. With a success-driven mindset, we always try to discover novel approaches that would give us a competitive advantage over others.

We don’t just market products, we are more than just an app. Hence, we convey this message in all our marketing efforts. By focusing on our unique selling propositions for each app, we position our products in such ways that our customers enjoy, benefit, attach emotionally, and get inspired.

Thanks to advertising on Facebook, Google, Snapchat, and many other platforms, working with influencers users trust and adore, creating irresistible content and branding, we reach millions of people and create an impact.

We achieve desired results by combining an analytical approach with data science, neuromarketing, and creative thinking. We are proud to see our apps in the top 10 highest revenue-generating social applications in the USA, UK, and European countries. Having millions of actively engaged and loyal users for more than 8 years in a very competitive market proves us right.